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Robert Page

Robert Page


Bob is a tremendously shrewd brand strategist, digital marketer and lecturer at several of the top-ranking business schools in the U.S. His team is unmatched in their ability to deliver high ROI marketing systems. Bob’s track record keeps our business partners the assurance they need to invest in their businesses growth without unnecessary anxiety or risk.

Gregory Holder

Gregory Holder


Greg has over 20-years’ experience as a senior executive and management consultant for numerous IR500 companies including Shopping.com, HP, 511 Tactical and Smarthome. He has mastered the art of building customer acquisition and digital marketing systems that deliver immediate impact to the bottom line. Greg discovered his passion in mentoring small business owners and founded Pronoia Digital to address their unique needs.

Brian Boston

Brian Boston


Brian is a seasoned marketing technician with over 20 years of experience. He and his team work diligently behind the scenes handling resources coordination, campaign management, and ensuring seamless communication with our clients. In short, Brian’s team makes sure your marketing systems perform at the highest level.


If you’re looking for a partner to help you reach the “next-level-profits” for your business, we’d be delighted to help. Pronoia specializes in crafting bespoke marketing systems that are quantifiable, scalable and competitively defensible.

From the Blog

Create an Awesome Social Media Presence in 10 Simple Steps

Posting is Essential

While digital marketing is a great tool for generating new patient leads, creating and managing your social media presence an essential element to graduate new leads from the “awareness-phase” to the “appointment-phase” in your marketing processes. Most potential patients will check out your social presence on the web before booking an appointment. If a potential patient goes to check out your Facebook page for instance, a solid presence with strong “social proof” will often lead to an appointment.

So, if you don’t have a social presence yet, it’s time to get one. Many business owners get stuck over-thinking what they need to do.  If that sounds like you, no worries. Just follow the steps below to get started.

But before we get to the steps, I want to emphasize that building your social presence online needs to start inside your practice.  Social media is a just tool to get your content in front of your followers and potential patients. The platform (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) doesn’t do the work for you.  In fact, no platform can help your business without good content.  It’s just a conduit for getting your content to your audience.

So, where can you get content?  You have to build a “culture of connection” within your practice. Thinking of ways to include your sharable activities on social media needs to be an embedded thought process for everyone on your team.

To get the ball rolling, follow these 10 simple steps:

  1. Have an after-hours’ get-together with your team to discuss why it is so important to incorporate content gathering activities within the daily routine of your practice.
  2. Set goals. What do you want to achieve by posting content to social platforms (create trust, show that you have an attractive office, a relaxed or professional atmosphere, your practice is child friendly, adult friendly, you have a fun team, skilled team, etc.)
  3. Make it a habit to discuss sharable opportunities during weekly team meetings. Keep in mind the goals set in step #2. Filter ideas that don’t support them.
  4. Make it fun with teams, contests and reward those who provide great content.
  5. Include your patients, but make sure you have their permission.
  6. Tell great patient “before & After” stories. Before & After pictures are great for storytelling. If you don’t have patients willing to consent, offer a discounted or free service in exchange for consent to share their story.
  7. Have a gatekeeper for all content with the responsibility to review all suggested posts. Keep in mind the goals set in step #2. Filter suggestions that don’t support them.
  8. Don’t overthink it! Simple is good and more importantly, it’s authentic. Celebrating birthdays is an example.
  9. Streamline your content. Edit unnecessary details. Think of social media a brochure. You can always include all the details on your website.
  10. Listen to your feedback. Your audience will help you determine what works best.

When Posting, keep these basic Do’s and Don’ts in mind:

  • DO: Keep it short
  • DO: Post frequently
  • DO: Be genuine
  • DO: Get feedback from your followers
  • DO: Respond. Answer questions and follow up on feedback. ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU!
  • DO: Use tools to help you simplify your process. For example, My Social Practice has some great content that you can share and Canva has easy to use templates that will make your content look great.
  • DON’T: Sell more than 20% of the time
  • DON’T: Spam your audience. 3-5 posts per week is enough
  • DON’T: Talk politics.
  • DON’T: Go dormant. It will hurt the ranking of future posts.
  • DON’T: Ignore negative feedback. Provide your contact information and settle the matter privately.

Look-a-like Audiences: Extend your Ad campaigns

Do you have an existing list of patient’s or leads with high potential? If so, you can upload those contacts into Facebook’s ad platform as a Custom Audience. It doesn’t matter if your list is small, because Facebook will help you parlay your small list into a much larger list through “Look-a-like” targeting.

They do this by analyzing the behavior patterns, demographics and preferences of your list to create attributes that match other Facebook users with similar behavior patterns demographics and preferences.  These new targets are called a “look-a-like” audience.

Facebook can extend the reach of your campaigns by letting you target these new prospects with ads. These new prospects also extend the reach of your campaigns through their interactions when they like and share your ads.

6 Reasons Why Healthcare Professionals Need Facebook

The importance of social networks in healthcare marketing is growing every day. With more than a billion users, Facebook is arguably the best social networking platform for healthcare client acquisition.

Here are 6 reasons why Facebook should be uses as part of your core healthcare marketing system.

Your Patients Rely on Facebook

A recent survey conducted by National Research Corp reveals that 40% of patients use social networking sites for gathering health related information and 94% of that group trusts Facebook.

Direct Communication

There is nothing better than directly communicating with the potential customers, online. Facebook provides this direct communication with your healthcare patients. Giving feedback, on Facebook helps healthcare professionals maintain continuity with patients as well as show potential patients they are engaged.

Media Support

You can share numerous types of content. From educational videos with tips, to editorial posts, to infographics and audios, you have plenty of options to communicate and inform your followers. This is certainly an advantage for healthcare professionals as they can mix-n-match their promotional campaigns with content to keep the viewers engaged. Providing useful information or tips will enhance your image.

Target Local Audiences

Healthcare professionals typically focus on local markets.  Facebook provides the absolute best tools to create targeted audiences for promotions.

Social Proof

If you have a Facebook page then people who have ‘liked’ your page and become patients can rate you directly. They can also leave useful testimonials which may help convert others to your practice.

Visitors will be able to see your ratings and feedback. This is a very effective marketing tool as positive reviews and feedback provide the “social proof” most people seek when deciding on a new product or service. Positive social feedback can quadruple your conversion rate.


Last but not the least, you can use the analytics from your Facebook page to help you understand the demographics and preferences of your audience. By understanding these dynamics, you can refine your marketing tactics so they truly resonate and convert.

The above are just few reasons why you need to develop a strong presence on Facebook and take advantage of the it’s free tools. For more information on how to use Facebook and other social platforms to grow and protect your business, call (512) 887-1067 to request a free strategy session.




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