Client Activation Marketing

In today’s world, people are overstimulated, they get sidetracked and for the most part, they don’t trust advertising. As digital marketers, we had to figure out how to rise above the fray and reach new customers. Customer insights, creativity and fresh concepts are still critical, but we needed a completely new style of marketing. We call it Client Activation Marketing.

Client Activation Marketing isn’t about buying keywords, long sales letters or glossy print ads.  It’s about finding the right prospects and offering them a bit of information in a social setting where they can participate or share the content, which ultimately offers something they want. These campaigns are smart, ultra-segmented and personalized by rich-data and new targeting capabilities. Client Activation Marketing acquires new customers through social activation, content that is ready to go when prospects want it and fully automated appointment setting and follow up.

Our Process:


  • Local Market Research
  • Define the Outcome
  • Develop Performance Metrics
  • Creative Concepts


  • Continuity Planning
  • Continuity Execution
  • Activation Media Strategy
  • Activation Creative Development
  • Activation Audience Planning


  • A/B Test Creative and Audience
  • Adjustments (Repeat Cycle)
  • Scale with Winners

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